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Candyman in the 1992 film would return as the famous horror character in the new production

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The secrets of Paul Rudd: a fanatic father of the Titanic, a tip that changed the life of Leonardo DiCaprio and the bullet that grazed his head

Paul Rudd is a Hollywood star who still seems to be the commonest and friendliest man in town. Before being Ant-Man, the actor gained popularity thanks to his recurring participation in “Friends” and his starring role in “No idea” when he was 24 years old. Later, by the hand of director Judd Patow, he became known as the “pretty face” of comedies in films such as “Virgin at 40”, “Welcome to 40” or “Slightly pregnant.”

Funny, kind, eternally smiling. “There’s nothing sexy about being nice!” Protested the New Jersey-born actor determined to debunk myths. “Although, however, I love it when people are. Because I think life is very hard, that there are many things that can bring you down, that are very frustrating and maddening … As cheesy as it sounds, kindness is something that can slow that down a bit. The kindness and the laughter ”.

Low profile, Rudd has been married for 15 years to the same woman, Julie Yaeger, with whom he has two children and no scandal is known to him. He is a normal guy, with a simple smile and a simple demeanor without much air of a star. But the common guy has been able to turn his talent around, turning him into his best weapon. He is Ant-Man, the tiniest of Marvel superheroes. A character who gave him world fame at 50 years old.

His family is the center of his meteoric career. When he is not with his loved ones or on a film set, he dedicates his time to numerous NGOs that he supports. “My father told me that there are two types of people: those who give and those who don’t. I prefer to be among the first ”.

Paul is the son of Gloria and Michael Rudd. The British couple met in London before emigrating to the United States. Michael was vice president of Trans World Airlines (TWA), a job that took his family from New Jersey to Kansas when the actor was 10 years old. After Rudd’s father left TWA, he found a more exciting career as a tour guide to historic sites, including many associated with the Titanic, in Europe.

Old Rudd’s fascination with history ended up affecting his son’s acting career. Long before Leonardo DiCaprio became Jack Dawson, Rudd’s father was a member of the Titanic Historical Society, and he had a collection of memorabilia in the basement. When James Cameron announced his plans to turn the tragic accident into a big screen epic, Paul was first in line for the title role.

“That was the only role I really wanted for my dad,” the actor told GQ. But his knowledge of the ins and outs of the historic Titanic may have done her more harm than good to land that iconic role. In an interview with James Corden, the performer recalled rambling on about the shipbuilders, Harland & Wolff, and apparently infuriating the casting directors, who didn’t care about any of that information. With his usual self-deprecating humor, Rudd acknowledged: “No one was impressed.”

Although he did not get the job, Paul was a great partner and it could be said that he is responsible for the successful career of Leonardo DiCaprio, whom he convinced to accept the leading role in “Titanic” while they both worked on “Romeo + Julieta” by Baz. Luhrmann.

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