Candyman directed by Bernard Rose

Candyman in the 1992 film would return as the famous horror character in the new production

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The Controversial Film Academy

Three days after the insipid commemoration of Mexican Film Day, the Mexican Film Academy announced the nominees for the devalued Ariel award, for the best of the production released in 2020. “Sin señas Especiales”, a relevant chronicle of a woman’s ordeal for finding his missing son in the context of violence in Mexico today, he obtained the highest number of nominations, with 16! (resulting in excess). She is the clear favorite.

It highlights the exclusion as best film and direction, of the controversial and little understood “New order”, by Michel Franco, and more so when the mediocre “The dance of the 41” did receive both nominations. It is regrettable that the Academy has been unable to assess its disturbing vision of a future of violence, which is also a social portrait of political corruption and, above all, a chronicle of individuals harassed by the most adverse circumstances. It was carried away by the tendency of a sector of the public that, blindly, branded it (many without having seen it, which is a typical phenomenon of censorship derived from intolerance) as classist.

Let us remember that, at the prestigious Venice festival, “Nuevo Orden” was awarded last year with the Silver Lion, equivalent to second place, only behind the multi-award-winning “Nomadland”. Also, the British academy distinguished it as one of the 15 best foreign films of the year. For me, it was even the best option to represent Mexico in the Oscar for Best International Film this year, although the one selected, “Ya no soy aquí” (winner of the Ariel last year), passed the cut of 15 finalist films at the Academy. from Hollywood.

It should be noted that the Mexican Academy has opened the call for the election of the film that will represent Mexico next year at the Oscar, precisely as an International Film (previously called a foreign film). Unlike the Ariel nominees, which should have been released in 2020, the requirement for the Oscar is that they have been screened in theaters in Mexico from January 1 to October 1 of this year.

On this occasion, a natural candidate is the co-production with Romania and Belgium, “La civil”, based on the true story of Miriam Rodríguez, a woman who decides to avenge the disappearance of her daughter, directed by the Romanian Teodora Mihau and starring in the always effective Arcelia Ramírez, well received at the last Cannes festival, where she was exhibited in the parallel section Una Cierta Mirada. Another serious candidate is “Noches de fuego”, by Tatiana Huezo, which received a special mention in the same section at Cannes; Based on the novel by the American of Mexican origin Jennifer Clement, it offers a look at the war of three teenagers.

I think that, with all its undeniable merits, “Sin señas particulars”, which will be the winner of the Ariel, lacks narrative expertise to compete in a category that is extremely close and where quality abounds.

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