Candyman directed by Bernard Rose

Candyman in the 1992 film would return as the famous horror character in the new production

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The cast of ‘The Bold Type’ confesses 12 curiosities that you did not know about the series

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been more than four years since ‘The Bold Type’ first landed on our screens. And with season 5 still without a release date, we’re about to find out everything we’ve always wanted to know about the series. Also, good news, because these secrets come from the hand of Meghann Fahy, Aisha Dee and Katie Stevens (‘aka’ Sutton, Kat and Jane), who have made a hole in their agenda to reveal to COSMOPOLITAN 12 curiosities’ behind the scenes ‘that we did not know.

In case you need a ‘refresh’ (although doubted), the plot follows the lives of three young women, who work an international magazine, Scarlett, with promising careers, friendships and loves in New York City. By the way, here is the first point that has left us in ‘shock’.

Even though NYC is a big part of the show (‘Sex and the City’ level), almost nothing that appears in ‘The Bold Type’ was shot there.

“We filmed some locations in the city during the first season, but I don’t think we have to go back there after that,” Aisha explained.

“We shot the pilot in Toronto,” Meghann added. ‘‘ And later, when they confirmed continuity, we moved to Montreal, Quebec. In season 1 we were shot in New York for a few days, but then they were like ‘meh, we’re not going to spend that much money anymore.’ We were all very sad. ”

You know which one is. The Yoni or jade egg scene from the first installment, where Jane follows terrible advice, she decides to insert it into her vagina and gets stuck on it. Which forces Kat and Sutton to get it out of her.

“It was a very technical scene,” said Katie. ” I was wearing shorts under my clothes. So, they put the egg in there and that’s where Aisha was putting her hands on it. ” ‘

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