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Candyman in the 1992 film would return as the famous horror character in the new production

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Many of us struggle to maintain a balance between work and life.

It seems like a movie: The stars also have to work hard not to get burned every day. Emily Blunt has a very long list of film credits, forcing her to give up her last role. Jungle Cruise: Movie Twice. That is, before Possible actor Dwayne John Onsonn, she sent him a voice message even though the two had never met. Find out more about this trade, why Blunt initially turned down the role, և what the original plans were for this movie.

According to: The Hollywood Reporter :, Johnson Onson shot a video that was supposed to be sent to Blunt in 2017, trying to persuade him to play the role of Lily. Jungle Cruise: The film project with him is based on a ride of the same name at Disneyland. Johnson Onson stated that he “he has always looked up to him as an actor. “But when I saw him on talk shows, he had this personality, which was brilliant, cool, very, very charming.”

Johnson Onson made this video because Blunt refused to read the script. She had just done a few more movies and wanted to take a break. Even after Disney’s live-action studio director Sean Bailey sent him a letter, he still wasn’t interested. Disney decided to try another tactic to seduce Blunt. Director James Collet-Serra flew to New York to pass the script to Blunt. So Johnson Onson wanted me to bring a video with him. try to enchant him in it.

Johnson Onson Says: He Didn’t Respond At All. He just turned me into a ghost. ” Blunt told him. “I thought the video was sweet. [I] I didn’t know you would be so sensitive. ” After reading the script, Blunt finally decided to take on the role.

(LR). Dwayne Johnson Onson and Emily Blunt Announce Jungle Cruise Through Walt Disney Company / Image Group LA Getty Images
Blunt was initially not interested in taking on another leadership role due to her busy schedule. He was done so Mary Poppins is back and Quiet place back to back Jungle cruise: started shooting. This is the fourth time Blunt has starred in a Disney movie. Produced by Disney Mary Poppins is back, Together with The Muppets: and Into the Woods.

Disney is designated Jungle Cruise: For the 2019 Summer Launch. But after a series of delays, one of which was due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it finally debuted on July 30, 2021. As Cruise Through the Jungle: Blunt worked on other projects, including: A Quiet Place II: and Wild Mountain Thyme.

Jungle Cruise: with the participation of Edgar Ramirez. He worked with Blunt on the 2011 film Girl on the Train.

Tom Hanks և Tim Allen could star in “Jungle Cruise”
CinemaBlend: Reports Your Original Idea Jungle Cruise: Starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, who starred in the movie Toy Story: Privilege :.

That project ultimately failed. Johnson Onson later explained in an interview that: But, everything is happening as it should be, և until it came to me, it was completely rewritten from the first page.

After Johnson Onson rewrote the script, he finished producing the much-watched movie. You can watch Jungle Cruise: In theaters or now with a subscription to Disney +.

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