Candyman directed by Bernard Rose

Candyman in the 1992 film would return as the famous horror character in the new production

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Jane Fonda is Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Mother of the Groom’

After getting fed up with blind dates, Charlotte ‘Charlie’ (Jennifer Lopez) thought she would never find the man in her life until she met Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan), with whom she is madly in love. The relationship between them is getting better every day and they are already making wedding preparations when Viola (Jane Fonda), Kevin’s mother, appears.

Viola has just been fired from work because, according to her bosses, she is old enough to continue being a television presenter. Shattered and sunken, she is unwilling to lose her little one too. For that reason, she will become Charlie’s worst nightmare with the goal of her giving up and ending up with Kevin. While her assistant supports Viola in her crazy plans, Charlie decides to end this and both will be involved in a fierce battle to prove who is the smartest and strongest.

Since she starred in Letters to Iris (1989) with Robert de Niro, Jane Fonda has been missing from the big screen for sixteen years. The veteran actress did not return to the cast of a fiction until she had the opportunity of The Mother of the Groom, a romantic comedy directed by Robert Luketic.

In addition to Jane Fonda, the other great protagonist of this film was Jennifer Lopez, thus coinciding for the first and only time to date, in the same film project. Although it performed well at the box office, The Groom’s Mother did not have very good reviews, especially for the singer, who was nominated for this role for Razzie, in the category of Worst Actress.

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