Candyman directed by Bernard Rose

Candyman in the 1992 film would return as the famous horror character in the new production

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‘Horsemen of Justice’, a film about those coincidences that (do not) exist

Danish director Anders Thomas Jensen builds with a lot of black humor and mathematics a remarkable work on how to cope with pain and loss

Coincidences do not exist, at least in Mathematics, and much less in ‘Horsemen of Justice’, the new film by Danish Anders Thomas Jensen. It is no coincidence that the film apparently begins as a conspiracy plot, then delves into revenge cinema (a genre of which actors like Liam Neeson have made an art) to finally transform into a work that, little by little, is turns into a Dickensian ‘Christmas Carol’ in which the ghosts of the past, present and future are three (very rare) scientists passionate about logarithms and the calculation of probabilities who carry a good number of traumas and problems on their backs psychological. In reality, it is the filmmaker who makes us astutely, consciously and smoothly move between such disparate genres with the aim of telling a much deeper story than meets the eye.

Coincidences do not exist if there is a good (and intelligent) script in which there is no room for redundancy or superfluity, and there is room for the accurate drawing of the characters scene by scene. Hence, ‘En Jinetes de la Justicia’ nothing squeaks, all the plots are harmoniously inserted into one another like small matrioskas in others of greater size and that you are delighted to attend that interpretive recital offered by Mads Mikkelsen and company (all regular actors in the films of Anders Thomas Jensen) under the bitter and surprising thread of a black humor (very black) that leaves bright and memorable moments in the film.

Perhaps, coincidentally, because nothing is what it seems in ‘Horsemen of Justice’ or because there is much more than meets the eye, it is enough to scratch a little that surface ‘disguised’ as simplicity to realize that it is not just (which also) a thriller in which it is concluded, thanks to science, that an organization is behind the train accident that has caused the death of Markus’s wife, the soldier played by Mads Mikkelsen ( the singular Mr. Scrooge of this particular Christmas story), nor is it just a revenge film. In truth [attention, spoilers] is a film that talks about how to overcome the pain of the loss of someone we love and how we unsuccessfully seek to find meaning in what we do not have. The characters in “Horsemen of Justice” desperately seek to find a logical answer to what is happening (yes, a bit of Nordic metaphysics) and to calm the fear of continuing to live.

Chance (because, yes, it exists) and the hacking of files will make that group of somewhat crazy scientists, full of manias and traumas, find Markus and his daughter Mathilde and heal his wounds. The beautiful thing, however, will be to see that, despite all the pain, all the abuse suffered, the guilt they drag, all their fears, their loneliness and isolation, their label as’ geeks’, those rare ‘ aces’ of equations and computer programs are beings full of goodness unable to understand that a person can throw away a sandwich that costs more than 14 euros without having tried it and, at the same time, be the only ones who understand that the only way going forward is accepting themselves.

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