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Candyman in the 1992 film would return as the famous horror character in the new production

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From his award at the San Sebastian Festival to his disappointment with Hollywood: Johnny Depp, back in the spotlight

Johnny Depp is back in the news and as usual in recent years, his cinematic milestones do not escape the shadow of the controversies surrounding his personal life. The 58-year-old actor will return to the San Sebastián Film Festival – last year he presented the documentary Crock of gold: A few rounds with Shane McGowan, of which he was a producer, in the San Sebastian city – but this time he will do so as a winner. The organization has awarded him the Donostia Prize for his long and prolific career. It is an honorary award that will be collected on September 22, although the decision is not without controversy.

Various sectors such as the Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media, have described the awarding of the award as “an error from the ethical point of view”. Faced with the protests raised, the director of the contest, José Luis Rebordinos, stood up to the criticism: “The rejection of any violent or harassing behavior, as well as the presumption of innocence, are part of our ethical principles,” he declared. while defending that “according to the proven data” available to the Zinemaldia, “Johnny Depp has not been arrested or convicted of any form of aggression against any woman,” he says. It should be remembered that Johnny Depp denounced a newspaper for defamation that published an article accusing him of mistreating his ex, Amber Heard. At the trial, the actress corroborated the information provided by the media, while the actor has always denied them. Although the actor’s lawyers ask for a repeat trial, the High Court of London ruled that the testimony of his wife between 2014 and 2016 was true.

One of the first consequences of this sentence was that he will not continue in the two blockbuster sagas of which he was the protagonist, Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Animals, which have given him so much glory especially for his role in the first as the indomitable and charismatic and Jack Sparrow. Wrapped in controversy and with several open fronts, the actor has now spoken a few words that have caused a new earthquake around him. “Hollywood is boycotting me,” he categorically denounces in an interview with The Times, alluding to the alleged obstacles that his latest film would be suffering to be released in the US theaters. It is The Minamata Photographer, a true story where the interpreter gets into the shoes of photojournalist Eugene Smith, who documented and alerted at the beginning of the 70s of the dramatic health situation derived from an industrial activity suffered by the Japanese people who give the film its name.

About the filming, Johnny Depp assures that “we looked at those people in the eye, we promised them that we would not take advantage of them and we would be absolutely respectful,” he stated categorically, “but those who have come later should also do so,” he added. In addition, the three-time Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner regrets that the film mecca has turned its back “on a guy” like him, “who has gone through a complex and unpleasant situation for a few years” that he describes of “absurd and surreal”. For their part, those responsible for the film believe that Metro Goldwyn Mayer does not want to distribute the feature film alleging legal reasons, although the distributor has denied it and points out that it will be able to be seen soon although there is no date for it at the moment, as reported in Europe Press.

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